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Open Source

The Task Manager Bot is completely open source. Everybody can contribute to the project, fix bugs, and add new features by themselves.


We appreciate your contributions and feature recommendations. Feel free to contribute to our projects via GitHub.



  • German translated by bnder
  • English translated by bnder
  • French translated by bnder
  • Bulgarian translated by Виктор Узунов#3049
  • Polish translated by ☆_☆Lenar☆_☆#9682
  • Turkish translated by arsarys#7702
  • Brazilian Portuguese translated by the_nights#3176

Feature requesters & bug hunters

  • Najt#9739 (Reactions in Task logging)
  • thimantha#4171 (Bugs in Slash Commands)
  • RedэмρŦĩ๏Ŋ#2643 (Shorter Task IDs, multiple Task IDs in one command)
  • mdelpin#6558 (Deadline reminders)