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Here you can try out the bot. Just use the "/help" command to display all commands.
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Task Manager

Use this Discord bot to simply distribute tasks to users or entire user groups and log progress.

Shows all available commands.

/task add @User First Task

Creates a task with the text "First task", for the user "User".

/task list

Displays all created tasks.

Task Manager

Task Manager

Task Manager allows you to have a perfect workflow even with many users on your Discord server. Task management becomes fast and simple, leaving you more time to focus on more important things.
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In order for you to use the bot properly, it is available in 7 languages. Among them English, German, Bulgarian, French, Russian, Polish and Turkish."
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Any task that you have distributed to individual users or entire user groups can have three stages. The first stage is "not processed". When someone starts working on the task, it changes to the "being worked on" stage. The completion of the task is finally marked by the "done" stage.
the typo correction functionality of the bot

Ease of use

To help you use the bot in the best possible way, we've included some features that make it much easier to use. For example, if you make a spelling mistake in some commands, Task Manager will try to figure out what you mean and let you execute the corrected command with just one click.


You can set the bot ideally to your server. Permissions allow users to perform only certain actions without you having to give them permissions on your server. This keeps your server protected and the bot's functionality unrestricted.


In addition to the languages, you can also change the prefix of the bot. Often two bots use the same prefix, which can lead to unwanted command execution. By allowing you to set the prefix individually for your server, we prevent this.


When you have a large server with a large team, it can be easy to lose track of all the tasks. That's why we developed the "search" command. With it, you can easily search all tasks and groups by a term, ID or user.
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